About Us


Mission & Vision

To carry the business of Multilingual News Networks, Digital Satellite TV, Web Portals, Cable Channels, Film, Television Animation, Gaming, Radio, Broadcasting, Production, Creation, Transmission of Audio and Video over the Global and other Platforms, Promotion, Print Electronic Indoor & Outdoor Advertising through different forms, Infotainment, Publications, News Agency, Mass Communication, Public Relation, Media University & Center, Part Time, Weekend, Skill Development, Start-up, Vocational, Industrial, Training Institute, Hostel, Paying Guest, Housing, Hotel, Real Estate, Infrastructure Development, Events, Travels, Tourism, Contest, Exhibition, Music and Cultural Programmes, Manufacturing, Trading, Consultancy and All kind Multi-Media Communication services etc.

To carry on the business to buy, sell, import, export all kinds of equipments, hardware and software used for digital, high definition, ultra high definition production, creation and broadcast, to create customized hardware and Software for self and its clients to run their All kind Electronic TV channels, Publications Etc.

To carry on the business in India or in all parts of the World the business of Casting company, Producing, Making, Editing, Broadcasting, Exhibiting, Distributing, Renting, Letting on hire and otherwise exploiting Cinematograph, Movie, Feature Film, Traditional, Regional, Cultural, Political, Agriculture, Crime, Defense, Family, Man & Women, Childern, Films, News Story, Documentary, Docu-Drama, Street Play, Flash Mob, Short, Tele, Corporate Films and any other audio video development, Promotional, Public Relation, Publicity, Advertisement, Education, Training, Contemporary Films etc… Electronic field production, Electronic news gathering, Secret Sting operations, Radio & Video News Reel, Quickies, Slides, Banners, Posters, Stickers, Promos, Designs, Awareness, Interview, Video Films, Serials in many Local, Regional, National and Multinational languages, Film product placements, studios, talkies, lab, library, editing, contests, motion pictures and entertainment programmes of all kinds, and to act as agents for the purchase, sale, hiring and exploitation of such films Products Etc.